Play procedurally generated minigolf courses assembled from an immense variety of sections!

Infinite courses

Be surprised by new challenges and combinations on every track! Master tricky, crazy and fascinating courses, solve the most impossible combinations and develop your own way to solve the courses.

The minigolf courses form the center of gigantic galaxies. Various celestial bodies such as asteroids and planets orbit around the course. This impressive space environment provides an unrivaled minigolf experience.

Infinite fun

Not only classic track sections such as loopings, steep curves and ramps are waiting to be tackled, but also exciting sections and obstacles such as jumppads, portals or crazy tube systems. Each unique course offers a high score list – be the first to set a record for a course and defend it!

Infinite friends

Friends quickly become enemies at Infiniputt. Compete in a local multiplayer mode, push them out of the course or leave them behind with a skillful stroke.
But even in solo mode, you can compare with your friends by sending challenges to them so they can try to break your records.

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