A Park Building Game that brings Ride Simulations to the Next Level.

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Pixelsplit Game Studios, known for its successful ride simulators, today announced that their park management simulation, Indoorlands, will launch this fall. Giving the players, regardless of being casual gamers or ride enthusiasts, not only the opportunity to fully control a great variation of different amusement rides, but to build and manage a whole Indoor Amusement Park. The players goal is, to increase attractiveness of his park by designing, decorating and expanding his halls as well as creating exciting ride experiences for his visitors.

“In the many years in which we have been creating rides simulators, we have heard one wish the most: not only to be able to control and design rides realistically, but to build and manage an entire amusement park…”

The Pixelsplit team has been working on the concept of this idea for a long time and started the realization of the publicly funded project at the beginning of 2020 behind closed doors. The game combines the advantages of several simulation genres – it includes the construction and management of an Indoor Park as well as a realistic operation of amusement rides. This enables ride-enthusiasts to use their full creativity and knowledge to build a huge, successful & exciting park, where they have to design unique driving programs that thrill their visitors and adapt to trends. These trends bring an entirely new level to the game, as the needs of visitors are constantly evolving.

The range of possibilities of the player are enormous. The player can choose from a wide variety of theme worlds, a huge number of decorative objects, a versatile research department and many great rides. The player is free in his design and can combine different worlds to create and successfully manage his own individual and unique indoor park. But will he also satisfy its visitors and cope with the challenges of the innovative Trend System? There is only one way to find out: Test your capabilities once the game is released. To get started right away, you should follow us on our channels, so you won’t miss the pre-order discount!

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